Our Partners

At our schools, we are proud to provide a modern interactive digital Learning Environment that supports the performance of teachers and students, by providing:


  • An e-learning platform and a special corner for students of supportive education.
  • Electronic exams (E-exams)
  • Interactive screens
  • We provide a special electronic portal for parents of the students and another portal for students that enable them to access their data via a smartphone application that allows them to follow up on assignments and correspondence from and to the educational staff and the administration as well.

Our Partners


Because of our belief in the importance of learning English, we have partnered with lingoart Language Center, which has a long experience in the field of training and language training in particular, to supervise the English language curriculum, aimed at developing all aspects of teaching English, its components and the staff working on it

B12 App

As part of the school’s efforts to develop its electronic systems, we are pleased to inform you of the adoption of the B12 application to be a means of communication, through which messages, notes and all possible assignments, exams and activities will be pushed directly to your smartphones. This application also provides you with a bus tracking service for our dear students.

HelloCode platform

Because we seek to contribute to the preparation of a contemporary generation of modern technology, the smart electronic educational platform (Hellocode) has been adopted, which is designed to teach the principles of programming using the SmoothY language, where programming concepts are presented in a simplified and interactive way through a series of short animated videos.

because we aim to help students reach their full potential, we are pleased to partner with more than one local publishing house that provides us with the world’s best educational resources from kindergarten to senior classes.