About Qubbat AlMarifeh Academy Schools

Our mission

We offer a safe, fun, effective and productive education

That builds social responsibility with a scientifically serious, intellectually conscious, rationally wise, technically contemporary determination

Our vision

Towards a distinguished entrepreneurial education

That builds the student’s balanced academic and social personality to be the cornerstone of the will to build the future of the nation

Our core focuses

Personal growth

Modern Technology

English Language

Safe & Productive Learning

The Holy Quraan

Students’ Talents (swimming, football, trips, & competitions)

Excellent healthcare

Social Skills

Extracurricular & Community Activities

Community involvement

Why us

Because we share with our dear students their needs, interests and ambitions, and because:

  • Our school is a valuable educational incubator.
  • Our goal is safe and productive learning.
  • We offer a supportive education program.
  • We provide a sophisticated educational platform.
  • We have excellent facilities.
  • We care about the English language.
  • We offer enrichment courses.
  • We activate modern technology.
  • We care about the personal development of students.
  • We are keen on community participation.
  • We offer extracurricular and community activities.
  • We develop social skills.
  • We offer outstanding healthcare.

A word from the school principal

Because we chose leadership as a title, believed in science as an approach, and took on wisdom as an identity and the outstanding student as a goal; we chose our schools to be a dome whose pillars are science, faith, wisdom, and knowledge, to include among its sides a generation that is the cornerstone in building its future and the future of the nation, and because our goal is united in that our main task is the balanced scientific and social personality of the student to be the cornerstone in the will to build the future of the nation; we were and our dome was a beacon to provide a safe, fun, effective and productive education, builds social responsibility with a serious scientific will, and intellectually conscious, rationally wise, technically contemporary. And because you are our true partners in our educational journey; you have chosen to go together on the path of his steps of knowledge, his milestones of values, his pioneering end. We promise you to be as responsible and to harness our energy to reach one day our noble goal.

Headmistress of schools
Dr. Landa Hardan