• Theater

    A theater equipped with all modern sound equipment, lighting and datashow, to serve all events, school activities and outdoor activities

  • Stadiums

    Grass football field

  • The gym

    A hall equipped with the latest sports games, including Table tennis, TeqTable, Football table, Air hockytable

  • Swimming pool

    The Academy's heated swimming pool is equipped with high specifications and has a Jacuzzi, sauna and buffet

  • Fitness club (GYM)

    A gym equipped with the latest sports equipment

  • Scientific laboratories

    As we believe in the importance of the role of the school laboratory in learning and refining the student's personality, where the school laboratory plays a fundamental role in enriching the teaching and learning process, and facilitating the undersatnding of scientific concepts by adding distinct dimensions and experiences, which depends on the integration of computers in the teaching of scientific subjects; and consists of interactive software in computers. )
    Computer Lab (2)
    A laboratory for robotics equipped with the latest technologies)
    (2) scientific laboratory

  • Workshop

    Our academy is characterized by the presence of a vocational lab, and qualified teachers for professional education, in order to provide students with various practical skills in accordance with the goals of the philosophy of education in Jordan, to employ practical education curricula in the reality of students' daily lives

  • Clinic

    Qubbat AlMarifeh Academy includes a clinic with a general practitioner and a nurse, the objectives of the school clinic are to improve the health of students and staff and to provide high-quality health services to students and staff at the Academy for a generation that enjoys good health and adopts healthy patterns in life

  • The Library

    The library's mission is to facilitate access to available information for students, teachers, staff, and interested community members; and to teach students how to access, evaluate, and use information. The library acquires resources that meet the needs of students and educational staff. These resources are commensurate with the purposes and objectives of the curriculums.

  • Supportive education

    It aims to integrate all students enrolled in the program in regular classes and works to prepare an educational environment that achieves the educational goals set by providing various services, like productivity, etc.

  • Games room (kindergarten section)

    آSafe and equipped with the best and most modern games that constitute the basic educational means as they add fun and entertainment to our little students and stimulate the learning process through constructive playing.

  • Art workshop